Here's the Importance of a Tenant Background Check

Here's the Importance of a Tenant Background Check

You probably heard Albuquerque is one of the nation's most "trending rental markets." Albuquerque's 207 neighborhoods provide plenty of opportunities for finding tenants. But unfortunately, one bad tenant can interrupt your rental income flow. 

So, before signing a tenancy agreement, familiarize yourself with a tenant background check. This guide highlights how vital a criminal background check is for profitable property management. 

Renting to bad tenants might result in unwanted legal fees. Or worse, your reliable paying tenants taking their rent elsewhere. 

So take this time to understand how to screen tenants. A tenant background check also brings peace of mind to other tenants. And peaceful renters are your best tenants.  

Understanding a Tenant Background Check 

Tenant background checks help identify the best tenants to pay rent. Also, tenant screening helps land tenants that'll value your rental property. 

Tenant background checks also help to prevent evictions. Evictions are not only unpleasant, but it stops valuable rental income. 

Even if your tenant hasn't paid rent, Albuquerque enforces eviction rules. Here are additional benefits for Albuquerque tenant screening.    

  • Maintain long-standing tenants
  • Keeps or increases rental income
  • Helps protect your best tenants

A tenant background check also gives landlords liability protection. Failure to do tenant screening might have your best tenants suing you. And it will be our pleasure to do your tenant screening

How to Screen Tenants

Albuquerque permits landlords to charge each tenant what they want in this process. Also, landlords don't have to refund these fees for unsuccessful tenant applications.  

Albuquerque landlords are free to have custom criteria for each tenant screening application. Some standard screening parameters include:

  • Are pets allowed
  • Is smoking prohibited
  • Felony convictions 

A criminal background check is a vital aspect of tenant screening. Albuquerque landlords have the legal right to deny anyone with a criminal background. 

This aspect of tenant screening involves checking police records and sex-offender registries.  

Naturally, as a landlord, you want to know about a tenant's ability to pay. Therefore, landlords have the legal right to inquire about a prospective tenant's income status. 

Your future tenant needs to disclose their current employment status and salary. The longer their employment status, the greater the chance of consistent rent. 

Tenant screening also delves into their credit history. A target credit score for the best tenants is between "670 and 739."   

Another benefit of a credit check is to check for any judgments. Legally, creditors can garnish funds from bank accounts with judgments. Hefty judgments impact a tenant's ability to pay rent consistently.  

Landlords pass the cost of these credit checks into the tenant screening fee. Do these prospective renters have prior evictions or liens? 

Liens, like judgments, can hinder a tenant's ability to pay rent. A tenant background check should explore a tenant's previous addresses. Then, landlords can determine if the tenant can follow rental agreement terms.

More on a Tenant Background Check   

We understand the demands and commitment it takes to manage a rental property. Our courteous agents understand the importance of effective tenant background checks. 

We deliver professional tenant screening services to help you capitalize on your rental investment. And if your Albuquerque property needs repairs, it'll be our pleasure to help you. 

And if you have to evict a tenant, it's not a total financial waste. Our eviction assistance program helps with an eviction's financial burden. 

Contact us today about your Albuquerque tenant background check. There's a reason why Albuquerque landlords rely on our services. It's because we find the best tenants.

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